The Moving Chronicles: Part Two

Okay so I wasn’t AS productive today as I hoped to be, but it really wasn’t my fault. Its snowing! In New York! In October!

In any event, I dropped off 5 more boxes of crap PLUS 3 storage boxes (so I guess that’s 8 boxes), I drank 4 beers, ate 5 kit kats, took all the stuff off the walls (not including the horizontal blinds, I don’t want my creeptastic neighbor peeping on me), I packed my car with the last of the boxes and miscellaneous stuff AND I bought a TV and DVD player.

Alright so it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I could’ve done another run, but I don’t want to strain myself. All I really have left is the bed and couch, some clothes (packed, yo!) And the rest of the blinds.

I keep flashing back to when my friends showed up at my last move and I had shoved everything in the middle of my living room in plastic bags and yogurt carts, hung over and crabby, dropping my mattress on my cat. She hasn’t been squished yet, but my dog is a nervous wreck. Wait till she sees the new bed I bought her.

I’m totally redeeming myself here.

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