Apparently I’m Helpless

I guess its my own doing – admittedly I’m a little flaky, a little scatterbrained, and I write things down in 15 different places and still forget what I’m supposed to be doing, but…

I’ve slowly been putting my apartment together. It’s a lot of work! I can’t even imagine what owning a full blown house would be like. If I ever buy anything, now I’m leaning towards a condo. Or something with maintenance. Or, living with someone extremely handy (I’m partially Misogynistic, not in the whole “I hate women sense” – cause I’m a chic – but I think that we tend to have gender specific skills – with exceptions, of course. I’ll get into it later, you might hate me after reading what I think. My friends don’t see eye to eye on that point of view all the time, but we’re entitled to our opinions. I make a mean lasagna, but have no desire to put up shelves, that’s a mans job).

ANYWAY. So we all know I’m not good with a screwdriver. I’ll get the job done at the end of the day, but it’ll take all day. Literally. It took me 8 hours to put up blinds (they’re straight though!), another 8 for my curtains (they’re straight too!). I’m not talking, like 25 windows, I’m talking 5 sets of blinds, 2 sets of curtains.

I’m proud of myself though! My FF friend came over the other day, and started poking around, looking at my accomplishments. “YOU did all this? By yourself! They’re straight! And they’re even the right size!”

I can’t tell if he was being a d!ck and mocking my lack of handiness, or if he was seriously that surprised I’m not entirely handicapped.

And thinking about it, I really don’t know which is worse.

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