what. the. hell.

In my moving, I didn’t change my old address in time, and had the post office put a hold on my mail.  Most of the mail I get is crap anyway (bills) but I never want to miss my birchbox (ladies, check it out now, thank me later), and I had a chair I ordered I was waiting for.

So I have the hold, and I have the change of address.  On the instructions, it tells me I have to go pick up my mail – which I do, but there wasn’t anything there for me, so the post office guy told me to just give the mail carrier a call before 9.

Now, I didn’t realize I would be talking to my actual mail carrier from my old apartment, but once I realized who I was on the line with, we started chatting:

Mail Man: I’m sorry to see you guys leave, it was nice having you on my route!

Me: Thanks, I hope things are going well.  That woman was driving me insane.

Mail Man: You’re not the first person she’s run off that block.

Me: Laughs

Mail Man: You had a package, but she refused it.  Then she asked me what your new address was.  She wanted to know if you were going to pick up your vacuum.  Also – did you ever clear your food out of the fridge?

shut. the. front. door.

Me: So I see she’s still a flaming bag of crazy

—end scene—

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