My cat is a sneaky little sh-t.  I took my pooch for a stroll the other day, and when we were rounding the corner I saw little Simone and thought “hey, that cat looks familiar!  Wait…”

The little jerk was CAUGHT.  She must have slipped out when I took out Pee, or maybe I didn’t pull the door all the way closed, but she is an indoor goddamn cat and should not be running around town! 

She knew she was in trouble.  She walked up to my poor doggie, smacked her in the face, turned and hauled ass back to my apartment door, running inside like nothing ever happened.

I wonder if she’s ever done that before.  Maybe she’s at the beach right now, a cocktail in one paw, shades on, smelling the ocean.

Bad. Kitty!

if you look closely you can see the boxes I've yet to unpack. Will and Grace was on, that takes priority.


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