No, buddy not the Journey you were thinking of. Yes, I’m just a small town girl. Sometimes I AM on a midnight train, but it rarely goes on and on and on. In fact, it ends after merely an hour.

But, on my way home today I was thinking. You know how people always say “life is a journey” or “life is a gift”? Both, I assume are true, I just find it interesting how people’s paths cross.

Today, a chic I work with ended her time at my company. So it signified two things: the end of her journey at my company and the new beginning at her new place. Which is exciting! I wonder though, should I have spent more time getting to know her, and what her deal is? Or should I be focusing on the people that are constant influences in my life? What about the people who were blips in the road on my journey? What are they doing? Should I look people up?

Do. I. Even. Care? How do we know who is significant and who is not – and is it even up to us? Do the people that matter make sure they matter, or do you have to push them towards impact.

Good Lord. Well, what I really go out of tonight is my friend is doing a “Race to Finish a Case” and wants me to be the girl on his team. Alls I know is, my teammates better be ready to sack up, cause I’m a ringer and I’m in it to win it.

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