There was a website that I’d check in on every so often,  It was basically a place that you could email some notes people annoyed with you left on your car (I’ve been parking in this spot for 30 years and would like to keep on parking here, can you move your car next time) on your door at home (while I am sure your dog is cute, the barking is not, please do something to make it stop) or in the office (I know someone is stealing my food from the fridge, but I work hard and I’m hungry too, so please stop).

My office is ALL ABOUT passive aggressive notes.  I was in the lady’s room (and I use that term loosely, the chics in my office are vile pigs that can’t clean up after themselves) and it was riddled with notes. 

For example:

  1. Please make sure you rinse the sink after brushing your teeth, the rest of us don’t want to see the contents of your mouth (on the mirror).
  2. Please make sure you throw out your paper towels in the waste basket.  If you miss, please pick them up.  We don’t want to see your mess (on the paper towel dispenser).
  3. Please make sure to dispose of your toilet paper and seat covers.  Its disgusting.  Keep the Bathroom clean for your coworkers (on the garbage can).
  4. Please Be Considerate of Your Co-workers and Do Not Leave Toilet Paper On the Seat (this one is my personal favorite – eye level, in the stall).

What I find strange is, that last sign is only in one stall.  So that’s clearly the stall the offender and offendee use.  Maybe one can switch?  Or maybe, just maybe, the women in my office can start to act like women and not animals, and clean up after themselves?

I mean, I see the sign leaver’s point, I don’t want to see your toothpaste in the sink (this drives me INSANE at my apartment, if anyone brushes their teeth there, they had better rinse the damn sink out and DO NOT squeeze my toothpaste from the middle.  That is enough to get your a$$ banned from my home), and I don’t want to step over your toilet paper and paper towels and urine.  But that’s commonly known.  Can you imagine what their house looks like if they’re that disgusting in public?

this is a mirror image of seat-pee-ers home bathroom.

I hate public bathrooms.  Whats worse is, it’s clearly someone on our floor because we’re the only occupants of this floor, and the door is locked.  Before, they could just blame it on the other people in the other offices.

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