what the hell is going on with this internet censorship crap?  I tried to Wikipedia something this morning and its just a blank effn screen.  Those brits are seriously cramping my style in all aspects of my life.

I digress.  Hello!  Been a while.  The holidays, as I’m sure you’re all curious about, were actually quite successful.  Thank you, Ketel One. 

The other thing I learned about myself is, I’ll do just about anything for charity.  Including a “case race”.  What’s a case race, you ask?  WELL you get a team of four together, and you have to finish a case of beer faster then everyone else.  The stipulation is, you have to have one girl on the team.

I feel like thats just rude, so I went in with a point to prove.  And prove it, we did.  We demolished the other teams, winning by a clear margin and finishing our case in under 7 minutes – even with simply sipping our last beer.  Aside from being able to decide what charity the proceeds went to, the rest of the day people were congratulating me, telling us we’re champions, saying how impressed they were with us…

Ya’ll may not know this but I LOVE ATTENTION.  So I basked in the glow of Victory.

This weekend?  Perhaps a flip cup tournament for charity.  That’s a whole nother beast, my team better be up for the challenge, or just don’t show up, cause I’m in-it-to-win-it.  Next weekend?  10 mile run for charity.

If anyone is feeling charitable, themselves, feel free to donate to my other fundraising endeavor (insert shameless plug here)



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