Rude….or mentally challenged?

So here’s a touchy subject.

I hopped my train home today – and its a known annoyance on veteran commuters that its horrendously annoying to listen to other people on their cell phones. I’m guilty of both talking on my cell phone too much, and threatening to throw people onto the 3rd rail for talking too much (in my defense, I was a chatty rider before I commuted, so I didn’t know the rules).

Today, there was a fella talking extraordinarily loud on his phone. Like, I can tell you where he’ll be when he gets to town (the fat guy in the middle of the boardwalk – his words, not mine), and that he’s going to the outback on Valentines day.

Several people started to get ornery and comment in a passive aggressive attempt to shut him up.

From where I was sitting, I could see that he was in a wheelchair. I’m keeping my mouth shut, mind you, I had already seen two people get arrested earlier in the day, I didn’t want to be in the middle of a riot.

He wasn’t in a wheelchair because of a disability, though, he was seated because he was morbidly obese and his legs couldn’t keep him upright, but he was in a wheelchair nonetheless.

The cat behind me in turn yells at all the hens clucking about how rude they are, finishing with a bravado “he’s in a WHEELCHAIR”

Now, I’m all for taking care of and helping those in need or that are looking for assistance, but this fella isn’t mentally retarded, or physically challenged, he’s fat and rude. That doesn’t give him a pass to do whatever he wants because he’s past the point of mobility, does it?

The hens shouldn’t have been so passive aggressive though, either. They should take my route “shut the hell up, you’re annoying everyone”.

Kudos, 5pm commute. Kudos on the crusader, sticking up for the handicapped, and kudos to the hefty guy capitalizing on his invasive weight, and kudos to all the biddys clucking in annoyance.

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