News Editor says Tattoos are Classless and Worthless

I wasn’t going to re-post this, but I was reading it again and found it a little funny.  Specifically the parts that say women are classless if they have tattoos, but should determine their worth via their physical appearance from the gym, getting their nails done, and high heels.

So, if I counter my tattoos with high heels and muted nail polish, does that reverse the “classless” nature of body art?  What happens if I belch in your ear – does that put me back down to negative points?  And, does it mean my values and morals are in disarray BECAUSE I have tattoos?  What about those cats without tattoos that kill their babies, shoot pharmacists for drugs, whore it up at the local bar – since they do NOT have tattoos, do they have more class then me? 

I suppose so.  Enjoy!

(PS – you’d think this chic would take her own advice and take care of her temple.  And by “take care of” I mean “clear up the acne” and by “temple” I mean “her f*cking forehead”)

It’s always people who don’t have tattoos and that don’t understand the lifestyle who have the strongest opinions. There is nothing wrong with saying that you don’t like tattoos, that’s fine. The problem arises when you cast judgement on people who you don’t know and tell them what they are doing is wrong without having any justification. This article was reposted in it’s entirety from The Spectrum, the independent publication for the University of Buffalo.

Article by Lisa Khoury

I get it. It’s the 21st century. You’re cool, you’re rebellious, you’re cutting edge, you have a point to prove, and you’re a woman. Awesome.

Ladies, I know you’re at least at the legal age of making your own decisions, but before you decide to get a tattoo, allow me to let you in on a little secret. A secret you may have not fully realized yet thus far in your life. What you must understand is, as women, we are – naturally – beautiful creatures.

Seriously, though. Your body literally has the ability to turn heads. Guys drool over us. We hold some serious power in our hands, because – as corny as this sounds – we hold the world’s beauty.

But something girls seem to forget nowadays, or maybe have not been taught, is that women hold the world’s class and elegance in their hands, as well. So what’s more attractive than a girl with a nice body? I’ll tell you what: a girl with class. Looks may not last, but class does. And so do tattoos.

An elegant woman does not vandalize the temple she has been blessed with as her body. She appreciates it. She flaunts it. She’s not happy with it? She goes to the gym. She dresses it up in lavish, fun, trendy clothes, enjoying trips to the mall with her girlfriends. She accentuates her legs with high heels. She gets her nails done. She enjoys the finer things in life, all with the body she was blessed with.

But marking it up with ink? That’s just not necessary.

I’m not here to say a girl should walk around flaunting her body like it’s her job – that’s just degrading. Instead of getting a tattoo, a more productive use of your time would be improving and appreciating the body you have been given, not permanently engraving it.

Can you get meaning out of a tattoo? Arguably. If you want to insert ink into your skin as a symbol for something greater than yourself, then maybe you are proving a point to yourself or the rest of the world.

But at the end of the day, are you really a happier person? Has this tattoo, for instance, caused you to learn something new about yourself? Has it challenged you? Has it led you to self-growth? Nothing comes out of getting a tattoo. You get a tattoo, and that’s it. You do something productive, though, and you see results. That’s a genuine, satisfying change in life. Not ink.

Invest your time, money, and effort into a gym membership, or yoga classes, or new clothes, or experimenting with different hairstyles if you’re craving something new with your body, not a tattoo.

I promise, it will be a much more rewarding experience, and you won’t find yourself in a rut when your future grandkids ask you what’s up with the angel wings on your upper back as you’re in the middle of giving them a life lesson on the importance of values and morals.

God knows the last thing this world needs is another generation of kids questioning their basic values and morals.


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  1. OMG what the f*&K is this! what cotton wool world does this ‘editor’ live in? She should definately take her own advice and tart herself up before writing such judgemental trash. What’s that saying about not throwing stones if you live in a glasshouse? It applies in the instance. Seriously I am laughing on the inside at the stupidity and it makes me want to go get some tattoos…….

    We have a similar type of ridculous women vs women drama unfolding here in NZ (probably around the world) about Women abusing other women for choosing to bottle feed their babies….. Ladies come on just behave, what happened to personal choice?

    • Just based on her picture and the location of where she lives, I almost feel bad for her in a sense that she’s most likely very, very sheltered. I have a friend, who you can only describe as “beats to her own drum”, and she is constantly changing her appearance. The other day, she shows up and has her hair up in a mohawk, and she’s bleached it – she’s got some entertaining outfit on, and people are staring at her. Her response (we were in the west village) “I don’t think you want to stare at me, strange out of town people, there’s a lot more of ME here then there are of YOU”.

      Clearly this broad writing this article hasn’t hit a gym any time soon, either. But far be it from me to cast stones.

  2. Ahh women from Buffalo…Wrote a song about it. Like to hear it? Here it goes…

    She took the easy stance sticking her nose into things she quite possibly does not understand.

    “Invest your time, money, and effort into a gym membership, or yoga classes, or new clothes, or experimenting with different hairstyles if you’re craving something new with your body, not a tattoo.

    Nothing screams “Self Absorbed” to me as a dude (self proclaimed) more then the bit above.

    So I guess she was cool before all that stuff was cool? Maybe the U of Buff is like a Nebula is to a new star churning out hipsters throughout the galaxy?

    Awesome post as always!!!

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