Sports in the Big City

It’s no secret that New Yorker‘s are a passionate group of people.  Toss in any kind of event where they’re encouraged to yell, cheer and egg on their team – as well as harass opposing teams, and its nearly a perfect storm.

When one of our teams wins a title – all hell breaks loose.

Me? I could care less about this year’s Super Bowl.  I cannot stand the Patriots, and the football team I follow is the JETS – who were a walking disaster this year.  The only part of the game I actually paid attention to were the score changes, because once again, I bought boxes.  I haven’t won a box in years.  At least 8 or 9 years.  Luckily, the all-hated Patriots and the GMEN were able to hold down some numbers for the kid, winning me 375 beans.

Cha-Ching!  Morning Beers on me, kids! 

So, we have the parade in Gotham today. 

People are losing their minds all over the city.  Everywhere.  Starting on the very train I take in the morning.  There isn’t anything that quite compares to seeing someone drink a tall boy at 8:03 in the morning, decked out from head to toe in football gear.  I can dig it.  When I got into the station, however, my tune changed juuuuuust a little. 

It’s safe to say its a good thing I didn’t have my stun gun on me this morning.  I had to drop some serious elbows to get through the crowd.  One woman actually considered squaring off with me.  She walked into me, I bump her back, and I believe she began to say “are you SERIOUS…” – cut to me, staring the heifer down and getting my coffee.

Getting through the subway area was another nightmare.  Now, some people in the city who commute every day would find this frustrating.  Maddening, even – enough to ruin their whole day.  Me? I think they’re just jealous.  I know there was a part of me wishing it were my team being hoisted down Broadway.  Cause if it were, I’d be wearing my green shirt, with a green hat, drinking a green beer and laughing at all the commuters shuffling to work.  With a valid day off of work, of course.

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  1. Sean Breslin

     /  February 8, 2012

    As a Falcons fan, I’m getting tired of watching teams beat us and then go on to win the Super Bowl. I wish we could have one of those parades.

    • hah aw, your time will come. and then you’ll be climbing the walls and getting elbows tossed at you. My friend texted me yesterday morning, he’s a cop and a Jets Fan, and was working OT in Penn, and he says “F#### Giants Fans everywhere”. I say to him “oh stop, you’re just jealous, you know if it were the JETS you’d be drinking a tall boy right now”, except my phone changed “Tall Boy” to “tall balls”. He disagreed.


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