10 Pounds of Sausage?

Well, I like sausage – who doesn’t!  But that’s not what we’re talking about here. 

Yesterday my friend posted her facebook status as “Ladies & Gentlemen if when you put on a shirt & raise your hands over your head the shirt does not cover your stomach You should not be wearing it, least of all to Work.”

Hilarious.  Immediately I thought of those girls that wear the shirts that are too tight around their midsection, and they have that adorable little roll of muffin top spilling out over their jeans.  Or the girls who insist on wearing leggings, even though they’ve stretched out the material SO FAR they’re just about translucent – ten pounds of sausage in a five-pound bag.

Now I realize that we’re not all in perfect shape – I know I’m not – but I do think that some people really need a reality check before they walk out the door in some of these outfits.  You expect it from the People of Walmart, but not in NY

I’m only glad that I have friends, real friends, who will honestly tell me to change if I’m wearing something that makes me look like a beach ball.

Oh – tomorrow there’s a demonstration planned for the city to “shut down the corporations”.  I’m already firing up my stun gun and cannot WAIT for my commute.  Fingers crossed something funny happens!

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  1. Great perspective!!! I thought your post was going sideways after I initially read “sausage”… I was wrong 😉


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