you silly hippies, stop trying to wreck the normal working person’s commute.

seriously – stop it, or I’ll stun gun you.  There was all sorts of hub-bub the past few days about “May Day“, where the OWS hippies are going to start protesting again – I mean, why not?  Its warm out now, so they won’t shiver.  Clearly their cause is important enough to press on, even during the bitter cold of winter.  Oh wait…thats right, they stopped for a few months.

Know whats good about OWS threatening to slow down/stop my commute?  There’s more cops in Penn Station (which is always fun), I don’t feel the slightest bit guilty about being late in the morning (even IF my commute wasn’t affected) and I proudly replaced the batteries on my stun gun last night in the event someone wearing patchouli gets in my way.

I hate the smell of patchouli.

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