oh for the Love of God People

#nonreligiousGodofcourse lest I offend anyone.

I love the internet. I love social media. I love how the different platforms can bring so many people together, and spark unity/outrage/conversation/discussions/growth/knowledge/awareness.

That being said – are you friggin people kidding me? The internet is making ya’ll dumb. Or ignorant – whichever classification you prefer. Guys – not everything you read on the internet is true. I know its unbelievable:





But its true (see the irony? THIS is on the internet.  SO its TRUE).

It’s very, very easy to believe everything you read.  I know this.  I re read your moronic posts every day – and I’m not talking about all of you – I’m talking about you über conservatives, or you ultra liberals that tap into your own political sites and spew your crap all over the internet.  MY internet.  That I LOVE.  And then – when people disagree with you, or begin to comment on what you’re talking about, you take one of two routes:

1. Insult them

2. Delete their comment

Which, at the end of the day, is fine.  You can do whatever you want on the internet.  I mean, it IS mine…but its also yours.  So go circulate your skewed “intellect” and your bizarre, often unfounded claims.  And ignore people when they try to discuss with you (because if your view isn’t shared, it’s clearly incorrect), but you’re only hurting yourself.  There’s so much knowledge and information, and such great debates to be had.  If the only response you have to someone disagreeing with you is: “your an idiot”…well…


I rest my case.

Misery Loves Company…

The other day, a friend of mine posted a blog she read entitled “Why I hate Long Island With all my heart and soul”.

yikes. Just the title is a little aggressive. After putting thought to it, I really couldn’t think of anything I hated with “every fiber of my being”, short of people who kick pupppies, but I feel like they’re in a league of their own.

So, I clicked out on the link to check it out (http://geeksjourney.com/why-i-hate-long-island-with-all-my-heart-and-soul) and unfortunately, it seemed as though  the author is bottling a very significant amount of anger and hatred, that he was funneling towards the people of Long Island.  I’m not a therapist, but I have a knack of reading people.  After re-reading his blog and comments a few times, I generally began to feel bad for the guy.

He made several mention to the people who live on Long Island – and its social distortions, or caste system (in a sense).  Yes, there are privileged people on Long Island.  Yes, there are people who suck on Long Island, but there are also a lot of really great, caring people and their families.  Basing an entire theory on not being able to communicate with people, or putting yourself in a self-induced recluse, is only hurting yourself.  In 2012, there were 7.2 million people living on Long Island.  If you can’t find a handful of people in that 7.2 million, I’m going to have to assume the issue is you.

Also touched upon was the cost of living on Long Island, where the author cited rent for a studio apartment starting at 2400$ a month.  What the author failed to mention is that rent reflects the base line cost of LUXURY APARTMENT BUILDINGS.  Of course its more expensive, you half twit.  Why are you looking outside your price range for a living space?  There are a tremendous amount of apartments for rent in various towns of Long Island spanning any range of prices.  You have to determine what you can afford, what you want, and what you need – and then do your homework.

There was no mention of the beautiful beaches on Long Island (http://traveltips.usatoday.com/beautiful-beaches-united-states-100414.html) – and while I know this beach is the affluent East Hampton the blogger shows such contempt for – there are several other scenic beaches on the south shore you can wander with your friends, enjoy the water, make sand castles, eat seafood…whatever floats your boat.

If you’re not into that, you can always check out the vast farming and gardens on Long Island.  Don’t like that?  Try some of the vineyards and breweries.  Not your speed?  Check out the villages and towns of Babylon, Huntington, Sea Cliff, Roslyn, Great Neck.  Hate wealthy people?  Cmon down to Long Beach and experience the beach town feel (if you come down here with a puss and act like a dick, though, we WILL tell you).  Hate the beach?  Span any of the 118 miles that stretch across the Island.  Want to play with Hipsters?  go to Brooklyn…you dont have to cross a bridge.  Want a culinary experience?  Head into flushing.  Want to wander one of the most influential cities in the world?  Head into NY.  Can’t afford it? Still hate it?  Move.

Long Island is a suburb of Manhattan.  A lot of the people living on the Island work in the City and commute.  No one likes commuting, but its a part of life if you want to make the money available in Manhattan.  Comparable jobs exist on Long Island.  If you’re not into corporate america there’s a CVS and Starbuck’s in every town.

Stop whining about not having everything handed to you.  Do some people?  Yes.  Does everyone?  No.  Do people work for what they have?  Yes.  Those who don’t fall into the “Poor Me” Syndrome and can’t find happiess anywhere.  Do us all a favor and just leave for your elusive search of Narnia before your negativity poisons those around you.