There has been so much talk the past few weeks about Domestic Violence. This is a good thing, people don’t know nearly enough about the subject, and there are entirely too many people who will comment on Domestic Violence, without fully understanding what they’re talking about.

A lot of this is coming to light after the Ray Rice video was released. Hey, NFL…you guys really shit the bed on the “punishment” you doled out to Good Ole Ray. Even if they HADN’T seen the actual video of a professional, strong, well-built, muscular FOOTBALL player swinging at his fiancée and knocking her out cold – the secondary video of him dragging her halfway out of the lobby then dropping her in the threshold of the elevator should have been enough to realize what happened in the elevator.

I don’t care that she spit at him
I don’t care that they were drunk
I don’t care that they were arguing

There is no scenario where what happened is okay. Its also another slap in the face of domestic violence victims everywhere that he only got a 2 day suspension as his punishment. Its worse to smoke pot than knock your partner out?  Even Ray Lewis doesn’t beat his wife…he just stabs people in bars.  Totally different, give him a Superbowl ring.

A lot of people have been talking about his fiancée staying with him, and later marrying him. I urge you all to search #whyistayed and really learn about what is going on here, then formulate your opinion. I can’t believe we live in a world where its okay to blame the victim. Believe that, she is a victim and a survivor, not a money grubbing hoochie.