Crossfit and Child Rearing

The two things don’t seem like they have anything in common, right?


While they are both inherently different – unless you feel like comparing childbirth to the latest WOD (and I wouldn’t suggest doing that to anyone who has recently had a child, because they may tear your head off), there is a direct correlation between “experts” of each topic, and their need to be right.

What I mean is, when talking to someone about a topic on child rearing, if your opinion differs from theirs, you can be just as wrong as you when speaking to someone who does CrossFit and nothing else.  My sister tagged me in this cute little comic the other day that had a baby on it, and it said something like “lets forget the charade and just go to sleep in the same bed now”, making a sweet little gesture to the idea of co-sleeping.  Now, if you have a kid, I’m sure you have your own idea on co-sleeping.  In fact, you may feel very strongly about it.  And you may use your stance to pick online fights with other parents.

Curious how one small picture had so many long threads of comments, I started reading a few.  Rather than comment on the kids cute little curls, or the determined expression on their face, it was comments and comments and comments and comments about co-sleeping vs. non co-sleeping.  What struck me the most was the animosity – parents just fighting with each other over nonsense.  Parents that didn’t believe in co-sleeping would call the parents who did lazy because they didn’t want to have to get up to tend to their child in the middle of the night.  Parents who DID co-sleep would call the parents that didn’t heartless for leaving their little one alone.  No one seemed to have any respect for the other parent’s decision on how to raise their child.

This isn’t something that is only for co-sleeping, either – you see these arguments on breastfeeding vs. not breastfeeding (hey – lets just be glad the kids are eating, regardless of how they get their food, eh?). Cry it out vs. non crying, potty training, sleep training – regardless of what one person may think – there is always going to be someone else to tell them the opposite.  Whatever happened to listening to someone, noting their reason for raising their child however they choose to…and respecting that and moving on?  If I choose to co-sleep with my kid, telling me I’m a lazy mother isn’t going to give me some sort of surprise revelation on how wrong I am.

It reminded me of a conversation I had with a chic about a year ago.  We were in our office and I was carrying my gym bag, when she stopped me.  “Are you going to the gym?”.

Being that I was carrying a gym bag, I thought the answer to be fairly obvious, but this chic isn’t the brightest bulb in the bunch.  We started chatting.  “You really shouldn’t go to the gym, you should go to CrossFit. You know what that is, right?”

Well, I’ve been working out for about 15 years and I’m married to a personal trainer.  But please, enlighten me on what CrossFit is.

“Its so much better than working out at a gym.  I don’t know how you even do that.  I wouldn’t even know where to begin at a gym.  They can make the workouts easier for you, you  know, if you can’t handle the weight they want you to use”

  1. That’s your opinion
  2. Its easy, I put on my sneakers, pick things up that are heavy and put them back down.  Then pick them up again.  Watch a planet fitness commercial, that will clear it up for you
  3. Start at the front door, make your way in.  If you can’t find the front door, remove your head from your behind and try again.
  4. Don’t make me squat you in the middle of this office, ding bat.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some rather controversial conversations to read on FaceBook pertaining to sneaker wearing.  With or without socks.  This is going to be intense.

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  1. Wild Willie

     /  July 8, 2016

    B A itch


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