Its no secret I love trashy television. I don’t know if it’s because some part of me thinks I would be the most interesting reality star, or because watching these people on television helps validate my life choices to not become one – either way, I love it.

I started watching Big Brother again, a friend watches it and the only thing I like more than reality television is discussing it afterwards.

This week of Big Brother really brought out the worst in these people. It was a quintessential display of pack mentality and bullying at its finest. Let’s do a rundown:

Josh – guy, are you kidding me? You could not be more textbook “previously-picked-on-trying-to-be-a-“cool kid”-so-I-will-do-anything-they-tell-me-so-they-like-me”. It’s embarrassing. Like, I’m embarrassed for you and your family. Aside from your goofy exterior, listening to you pick up the catch phrases of your ringleader hurts my ears. “Your boy n”….your boy is a fool. What’s sad about your situation is they ALL know you’re expendable, they ALL know they’re keeping you around as a vote and a distraction but you think they are your friends. I guarantee in a one on one situation you’d be trying to blow Cory and Jessica instead of hollering at them.  You are insufferable

Maven – stop trying so hard to be unique. When you bounce into the room and say “hiiii Julie” do you not realize you sound exactly like Nicole?  Well, you do. The cute little red buns and big shoes are just another desperate attempt to be an individual. If you really had a backbone you wouldn’t be explaining to Jessica and Cory that you are following the crowd behind closed doors then growing a pair of balls when in front of your group.

Mark – I have a feeling you used to be a fat kid and now you’re a meathead. I give you a lot of credit for being so physically strong, and that moment of weakness to explain how you used to be bullied was endearing – it didn’t seem so genuine with the forced tears – but you’re okay. You really do seem like a nice guy.

Paul. The ringleader. I cannot understand the influence you have on these people, but it’s really disappointing that it’s used to encourage such bullying. Harassing, yelling, causing constant discomfort…come on you guys. The only one that seemed uncomfortable with the behavior you were promoting was Matt and Marlena, but they’re both too weak to say anything.

I’m not sure if it’s just how CBS is portraying the people on the show, and I’m not going to spend money for the all access to watch them all the time – I mean,  I like reality tv but not THAT much. This week was just a really disappointing display of humanity. These guys were at their absolute worst, berating and attacking Jessica and Cory because they are clearly the disadvantaged players on the show. It seems like beating them down is Paul’s way of exerting power; and he’s using the members of the group to disengage and defeat the other two.

It would have been really enlightening to see Matt, Mark or Elena stand up for Jessica and Cory. It’s a shame none of them have any backbone. I also find it HILARIOUS that Josh likes to refer to Cory as a coward. Isn’t he a marine? While you’re off selling shampoo, tell us again how someone that served is a coward?  You’re disgusting.

I got sidetracked – my post was originally about big brother but really, I wanted to talk about bullying. It’s such a serious topic that people seem afraid to address, but it’s so prevelant in so many walks of life; and it’s hopeful that people can recognize the behavior in themselves and other people. Big brother is televising obvious and open bullying; and in these situations you would hope that someone would step up for the people being bullied. Josh bullied Megan so much she literally quit the show; and he’s taking that tactic again with these two. They refer to Jessica as a “mean girl” – I assume because she’s thin and pretty – but by ostracizing her they’re using isolation as an attempt to break her will to win.

Id like to say if I was in the situation where I saw this behavior occurring I would do the right thing. I can only hope we are able to teach our son that it isn’t enough NOT to bully people, but you also need to stick up for people WHEN they are being bullied. There is no such thing as an innocent bystander.