oh for the Love of God People

#nonreligiousGodofcourse lest I offend anyone.

I love the internet. I love social media. I love how the different platforms can bring so many people together, and spark unity/outrage/conversation/discussions/growth/knowledge/awareness.

That being said – are you friggin people kidding me? The internet is making ya’ll dumb. Or ignorant – whichever classification you prefer. Guys – not everything you read on the internet is true. I know its unbelievable:





But its true (see the irony? THIS is on the internet.  SO its TRUE).

It’s very, very easy to believe everything you read.  I know this.  I re read your moronic posts every day – and I’m not talking about all of you – I’m talking about you über conservatives, or you ultra liberals that tap into your own political sites and spew your crap all over the internet.  MY internet.  That I LOVE.  And then – when people disagree with you, or begin to comment on what you’re talking about, you take one of two routes:

1. Insult them

2. Delete their comment

Which, at the end of the day, is fine.  You can do whatever you want on the internet.  I mean, it IS mine…but its also yours.  So go circulate your skewed “intellect” and your bizarre, often unfounded claims.  And ignore people when they try to discuss with you (because if your view isn’t shared, it’s clearly incorrect), but you’re only hurting yourself.  There’s so much knowledge and information, and such great debates to be had.  If the only response you have to someone disagreeing with you is: “your an idiot”…well…


I rest my case.


Hello world!

As per WordPress, I’m supposed to delete the original text on this blog post and write my own.

But what if I have nothing to write about?  Or talk about?  Yea Right!

Here’s what you need to know about me:

  • I love my friends and my family and my dog and a handful of people I work with.  I suppose they aren’t really “People I Work With” then, since I consider them friends, but I don’t always call them all the time, so they’re not really friends? What category is that?  I digress.
  • I get bored very easily and have now decided to become an internet phenom (this is where you come in)
  • I do a lot of stupid sh-t, maybe you’ll find it funny.  If anything, I’m going to need to document the shenanigans in case I don’t actually become someone who has a biography written about them.

I guess that’s it.  Oh!  I love feedback.  Even the bad stuff.  I might not agree with it, but I’ll read it.  And then laugh at you.  Maybe.