“Occupy My Balls Street”

Just when I think my ex boyfriend WON’T say something to make me laugh or surprise me…..”Occupy My Balls Street” comes out of his mouth.

So this OWS nonsense is coming to head in NYC with the protesters getting restless. I’m the first to say that I don’t follow the news, politics, anything but it gets my feathers ruffled when people bad mouth the NYPD.

I have a lot of friends that are cops. I know that to the core, NYPD is a strong group of good men and women. Are there bad eggs? Yes. But there are bad eggs in my office, doesn’t mean my whole company is corrupt.

Facebook is essentially an electronic soapbox. And I like to argue. 98% of the time I’m just arguing to argue but once you start bashing NYPD I actually have a position and a passion about what I’m saying.

Involved in a pretty solid back and forth on a friends “status” about OWS with complete strangers, the police were brought up…as if on cue, my old boyfriend texts me something silly, like a picture of his foot or car or candy bar.

Me: not now, I’m caught up in a back and forth on occupy wall street and the NYPD (he’s a cop)

Ex: Occupy My Balls Street.

Ha you jerk. Since you put it that way, let’s all watch the JETs game. OWS will be there tomorrow.


Occupy Wallstreet?

Everyone who knows me knows I don’t follow politics, the news, traffic or weather – I’m pretty much not interested in anything that doesn’t have a direct effect on my day-to-day life (so I guess I kinda pay attention to weather).

Needless to say, I was kind of surprised when I stumbled upon the people protesting at “Occupy Wall Street”. Honestly, probably would have walked right past em had it not been for the hippie beating a drum in my face.

“What are they protesting?” I ask
“Corporate America”
“Why?” I ask
“Because they have no jobs”

Oh. All I saw walking around there were dirty people in tents, scratching their dreadlocks and smoking weed.

Essentially – their message was lost on me. It just looked like a concrete version of Woodstock. Get a job and get off Wall Street, hippie.