Occupy Wallstreet?

Everyone who knows me knows I don’t follow politics, the news, traffic or weather – I’m pretty much not interested in anything that doesn’t have a direct effect on my day-to-day life (so I guess I kinda pay attention to weather).

Needless to say, I was kind of surprised when I stumbled upon the people protesting at “Occupy Wall Street”. Honestly, probably would have walked right past em had it not been for the hippie beating a drum in my face.

“What are they protesting?” I ask
“Corporate America”
“Why?” I ask
“Because they have no jobs”

Oh. All I saw walking around there were dirty people in tents, scratching their dreadlocks and smoking weed.

Essentially – their message was lost on me. It just looked like a concrete version of Woodstock. Get a job and get off Wall Street, hippie.